Network administration

Already starting with small-scale company's, which for operation use just a several computers, there is need for an internal computer network. For more effective company's operation within own network, there is also a need for company's server.  

The company's server can use the in many objective and the most popular applications are:

  • Webserver (Apache / nginx, PHP)
  • Database server (MySQL, PostgtreSQL, MSSQL)
  • File-sharing server (proFTPd / PureFTPd, SAMBA, NFS)
  • Mail server (Postfix / Sendmail / qmail, dovecot / courier)
  • Firewalls (CheckPoint / router / PF)
  • Personal tunnel server - VPN (OpenVPN)
  • Domain Controllers (ActiveDirectory, SAMBA)


By using the services of professionals during the installation of this system it quite often can works effectively for years without any problems. However, for the system to be secure and not fail suddenly, on typical server such tasks has to be provided on regular basis:

  • Software updates (bugfixes, new features) 
  • Monitor service availability (respond to failure as fast as possible)
  • Follow for backup creation and testing
  • In case of some problems immediate action to remedy the problems as soon as possible


All these works in reasonable tiem can be done by qualified personnel. Often companies are not profitable to hire workers who deal only with the server administrating. Such tasks is also possible using remote access, and therefore economically more attractive server administration is entrust to such company as Tevalo, qualified professionals who will perform these services on a regular monthly fee or a fixed hourly rate.   


Tevale server and network administration services includes:

  • Server-based system installation and configuration of the necessary program
  • Server and service configuration changes
  • Timely system packages update
  • Timely provision of backup
  • Service availability monitoring
  • Server hardware repair and replacement  

Tevale team can be proud of the great professional experience working with various server platforms and programs. Therefore, they can both take over your existing systems management and help the new system selection and implementation.