Clusterpoint un Sphinx integration

We offer top searching software integration in our products and also in already existing products and applications. This service is used for sites with large amounts of data or specific search requirements - news portals, directory inquiry services and directories, etc. The main differences from the disposals of the search through the database (MySQL, MSSQL, etc.), the performance and expanded search options, such as the name of bending. We provide Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, etc. document indexing. For more information on search options don't hesitate to ask us directly!

Web design companies offer a co-operation - help to integrate the search izstrādājamā your site as well asprovide the hosting space.

Sphinx search

Provides both real-time indexing of data and periodicdata retrieval from MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC (MS SQL, Oracle, etc.) databases.


Clusterpoint is document-oriented XML DBMS. This means that Clusterpoint designed to store documents in XML format and searching them. It can be used both as a full-fledged database, and as a seeker. Unlike theSphinx, provides a search word forms in Latvian.