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Linux hosting

TEVALE offer Linux hosting service which is most suitable for small and average size web page hosting. This integrated solution (web page and e-mail) is suitable to maintain from 1 upto 20 different homepages for every client. 

We offer three hosting plans starting from 3,54€. 

  Mini* Standart* Large*
Monthly cost (Eur) 3,54€** 7,81€ 29,16€
Disk space 5 GB 10 GB 60 GB
Domain count 1 3 20
Scripting language PHP PHP PHP
Database MySQL MySQL


E-Mail + +


* For specific requirements please contact us separately. 

 ** Plan should be used for at least 3 months. 

Our benefits:

  • Fast and redundant 100 Mbit/s internet connection.
  • Powerfull SuperMicro® Intel® Xeon® Enterprise-class servers.
  • WEB administrator panel which helps to make most of your webpage configuration tasks without any TEVALE specialist assistance.
  • All e-mails been scanned for Antiviruses.
  • All e-mails been scanned for SPAMs and blacklists.
  • Daily backup copies for all client data (each midnight we make backup copy for user files and databases). After that we store last 30 days of backup copies. 


  • The service is first connected and only after is being charged.
  • If necessary, our technical people will help to transfer yours website from current page location.


e-Mail service Mini Standart Large
e-Mail account count 10 40


e-Mail catch-all* -  unlimited

e-Mail fetch**

- unlimited
e-Mail forward count


e-Mail "out of office" feature

Antispam +
Antivirus +

SMTP with authorization ***

(adress- "")

WEBmail Roundcube


(adress- "")


* This feature will catch all emails addressed to the domain mailbox that do not exist and. Configuring a catch-all address can help avoid losing emails due to misspelling.

** This feature will automatically retrieve other domains incoming emails from specified IMAP(ssl)/POP3(ssl) servers.

*** When using e-mail programms (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, The Bat utt.) while setting up mailboxes we have to specify SMTP server usually it's ISP defined (, and so on). Using TEVALE SMTP server with autorization it is possible to send e-mails from any ISP with same SMTP address. 




Scripting languages

Mini Standart Large
PHP* +
Perl +
Python +
SSI (.shtml) +
Ruby +
PHP information phpinfo()

*Fast-CGI or suPHP.


MySQL databases Mini Standart Large
Database count 1 5 20


Database remote access +

Aditional services Mini Standart Large
SSH access - - +
SSL support - - +
FTP users count 1 3 20
Personal CRON +
.htaccess +
Access statistics Webalizer or AWStats